Boss Monster the Dungeon-Building Card Game Wiki

Boss monster 1 player fan made rules

Set up

Shuffle all cards in their respective types

Randomly pick a ‘BOSS’ card and place this at the ‘end’ of your dungeon 

pick up 6 ‘ROOM DECK’ cards and 3 ‘SPELL DECK’ cards (remove all cards regarding other players)

Discard 3 cards (any mix)

Build 1 ‘ROOM DECK’ card left of your boss (any ability comes into play if active when built)

First turn

Pick up 1 ‘ROOM DECK’ card 

Build 2 ‘ROOM DECK’ cards left or over any existing cards(abilities come into play if active when built)

You may use any ‘SPELL DECK’ cards marked with a hammer

Flip a ‘HERO’ card and bring it through your existing ‘ROOM DECK’ cards (these form your ‘dungeon’)

During this time you may use ‘SPELL DECK’ cards marked with axes

If a hero dies turn it face down and put it right of your ‘BOSS’. These are souls if you get 10 ‘souls you win.

If a hero reaches your ‘BOSS’ place it face up. These are ‘wounds’ If you get 5 ‘wounds’ you lose.

Turns leading up to finish

Pick up 1 ‘ROOM DECK’ card

Build 1 ‘ROOM DECK’ card on top or left of any existing card

NOTE: You may not have more than 5 separate ‘ROOM DECK’ cards in your dungeon; layer them up if you wish to build another room. Any cards under other cards have no use and you cannot destroy them (see full game details on destroying rooms)

Roll a dice to see how many heroes enter. 1= 1 ‘HERO’ 2-3= 2 ‘HEROES’ 4-5= 1 ‘EPIC HERO’ 6= 2 ‘EPIC HEROES’

Walk them through as you did your first hero.

Repeat until you either lose or win.

This was designed for base pack of  ‘BOSS MONSTER’ only.