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BMA025 All-Seeing Eye

All-Seeing Eye is a Advanced Trap Room in the Base Set.

Object art by Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


Because its cancel effect is a card ability rather than a Spell, All-Seeing Eye cannot be prevented with Counterspell.

If Freeze is played on All-Seeing Eye, you can use the ability of All-Seeing Eye. Since All-Seeing Eye's ability is a 'cancel' effect, it functions the same way as Counterspell's 'cancel' effect and resolves before the Freeze spell, ignoring active player priority.


All-Seeing Eye is a card that is meant to disrupt any edge an opponent might try to obtain by using Spell cards, at the cost of your own Spell cards. This card works well with other Mage room cards that allow for being able to obtain Spell cards, like Witch's Kitchen or Haunted Library, and works well with Bosses that can obtain Spell cards through their Level Up ability, like Cerebellus.


"This creation of a secret cabal of good wizards, the All-Seeing Eye was lost to antiquity until appearing again in the dungeons of Cleopatra. Now corrupted by her dark magics, the Eye gives Cleopatra the ability to counter adventurers' actions before they even take them."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

All-Seeing Eye PA

Pre-Alpha art for the card.

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