BMA000 Anererak
Anererak is a Boss card that was included in the first editions of the Base Set. The card was unannounced and never mentioned in official counts when included in the Alpha Prototype 2 set mailed to high-level backers, making it the first "Easter Egg" in Boss Monster.

It has been stated that the card may end up being the first non-Kickstarter Promo card, in that it may be given out in a way other than Kickstarter.

This card is available as part of "The Lost Levels" pack available at as part of their deal with Brotherwise Games.

Character art by Beau Buckley.

Background art by David Nyari.

Strategy Edit

This Boss' Level Up Ability is best activated when their opponents have acquired many cards by some means, and also works well when a player has managed to acquire Spell Cards. Anererak's Ability also combos incredibly well after using the Spell Card, Jeopardy, because the player's opponents will then be left with only one card each.

Combos Edit

Anererak's Level Up Ability combos with a few cards:

  • Jeopardy: After using the Spell card, Jeopardy, all players must discard their cards and draw 2 Room cards and 1 Spell card. Activating Anererak's Ability in the same turn (by building the last room acquired to activate it), the player with Anererak can essentially force their opponent(s) to play with only one card in their hand.
  • Cleric rooms: As Anererak's Ability forces players to discard two cards from their hand(s), Cleric rooms that allow the player to retrieve cards from the Discard pile are handy. This combo works well in particular when the maximum amount of players are in a game, and even so when an opponent must discard Spell cards.


Anererak is one of the Boss cards to not be included in the Strategy Guide.

Anererak may be a parody of Acererak, a powerful wizard who transformed himself into a lich in the famous Greyhawk campaign setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Acererak is notably used as the boss of the Tomb of Horrors dungeon in Ernest Cline's gaming-themed science fiction novel Ready Player One.

Stylistically, Anererak appears quite similar to Lich from the first Final Fantasy video game. Both wear tattered, purple robes with an exposed chest, with a head with multiple points on it for a crown.

The card was included in first edition versions of the Base Set as an apology for the Base Set not being able to be released in February.