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Angstigoth is a Boss card that will be introduced with Boss Monster 2.


Angstigoth's Level Up Ability is best activated as soon as possible, and is a good ability in the early game when Ordinary Heroes are still coming through town. Angstigoth's ability allows a player to build up a hand quickly, especially when a player is focusing on any certain dungeon strategy, so it thus pairs well with many dungeon strategies.

In essence, Angstigoth's ability works a lot like Golem Factory, except it works across the entire dungeon, and can be triggered by card effects (though this is up for debate until the Advanced Rules for Boss Monster 2 are released).


Angstigoth's Level Up Ability works with:

  • Rooms with Kill Effects: If a Hero dies in a Room with a Kill Effect, not only does the effect of the Room activate, but so would Angstigoth's.
  • Rooms with Destroy Effects: Rooms with a Destroy Effect that activate by using other Room cards as ammo work well with Angstigoth, as most of these types of effects work towards killing Heroes, and when a Hero dies in Angstigoth's dungeon, the player can draw a Room card, thus allowing the player to always have a Room card they can use as ammo after building it.
  • Rooms with Cycling Effects: Rooms with Cycling Effects work particularly well with Angstigoth, as Angstigoth's Ability can allow a constant supply of rooms to activate Cycling Effects


This Boss, in appearance, resembles Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth, except mirrored. While Sephiroth has a black coat and silver hair and a single angel wing, Angstigoth has a silver coat, black hair and a single demon wing. This monster also wields an over-sized sword (like Sephiroth) and is called the "One Winged Demon" (a play on Sephiroth's "One Winged Angel") Even the respective character's roles could be said to have reversed roles, as Sephiroth in Final Fantasy is a soldier, which can be considered a "fighter", while Angstigoth is a Thief luring monster, and Thief and Fighter Rooms could be said to parallel each other, since all Thief rooms are exclusively Trap Rooms, while all Fighter Rooms are exclusively Monster Rooms.

Angstigoth's name is a parody on his "edgy" nature; a portmanteau of Angst and Goth.