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A Hybrid Hero introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level. This Hero is lured by the dungeon with the highest combined Fighter and Thief Treasure (a dungeon does not require both treasure to lure it, just the highest combined amount of one, the other, or both).

The ability of this Hero allows it to ignore the last room in a dungeon, simulating how this Hero can deal a wound from afar, without having to step foot in the next dungeon. It is best to build as many powerful rooms as possible in the first four rooms of your dungeon.

The card shown here actually has an error.  Based on the Boss monster 2 FAQ, this is actually a misprint, and it should read "This Hero is lured to the dungeon with the highest combined Fighter and Thief treasure. This Hero skips the last Room of your dungeon."  The corrected card can be obtain at - "Boss Monster Errata 2" and will be corrected in future printings.


The fact this Hero is lured by both Fighter and Thief treasure can lend weight to the fact that this Hero is meant to represent Robin Hood to a degree, as Robin Hood would fight against and steal from the rich.

The fact the Archer wears green also lends weight to the idea.