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BMA027 Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit is a Trap Room in the Base Set.

Object art by Johnny O'Neal.

Background art by David Nyari.


If this Room is in your dungeon and a Hero enters it, your activation of its ability takes priority over any effectfrom an opponent because you are the active player. If an opponent wants to deactivate or destroy thisRoom to prevent you from using it, they must do so while the Hero is in a previous Room.

If you kill a Hero with Bottomless Pit, the dead Hero does not trigger any effects (such as “If a Hero dies in this Room” effects) of a Room revealed by Bottomless Pit’s destruction.


A card that has quite a few uses:

  • Can be built in the first couple rooms of a dungeon to quickly kill a hero
  • Can be built in the last couple rooms of a dungeon as a protective measure for a hero who manages to survive most of the dungeon, and/or has the potential to survive it
  • Pairs nicely with rooms like Recycling Center, or over rooms with an uncover effect, as the rooms effect is activated upon using Bottomless Pit