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Boss Deck Back

the back of Boss cards.

Boss cards are the first cards to be drawn in the game of Boss Monster. Each player randomly selects a Boss from the Boss Deck; the Boss they pick essentially functions as that players 'avatar' for the whole game.

Boss cards have 5 major functions in the game of Boss Monster.

  • It serves as the end of the Dungeon, where Room cards will always be built to the left of the Boss.
  •  The Boss is the goal of the Heroes. If a Hero gets to the Boss Room that Hero becomes a Wound . If a Hero is killed before reaching the Boss however, they instead become a Soul .
  • Each Boss has an XP value which determines the order of play and serves as a tiebreaker when piority of effects are in question; the Boss with the highest XP always goes first during the build phase. Additionally, the Boss with the lowest XP wins the game when a tie results due to two or more players getting over 10 Souls in the same turn.
  • Bosses have Treasure, these help give them a boost in drawing in specific Heroes early on.
  • All Bosses have a Level Up Ability. This ability activates the first time a Bosses Dungeon reaches the maximum 5 Room limit. This ability cannot be saved and only happens once.

Since Rooms can be destroyed and other Rooms can be built this means a Dungeon can hit 5 Rooms multiple times. In order to prevent confusion two systems were made in order to keep track of whether or not a Boss has already Leveled Up.

Tokens - Four Tokens are included with first edition copies of the Base Set. These arcade like coins were designed to be put near the top left corner of the Boss card after the Boss has used his/her ability.

Foil Cards - Certain copies of the game acquired through Kickstarter include holographic versions of all 15 original Bosses (the 8 Base Bosses and the 7 Promo Bosses). These foil cards could be placed over the ordinary Boss card in order to represent the Bosses leveling up.

These methods are not foolproof however. Considering that the Tokens are only included with first edition copies of the game and the the foils were included with exclusive Kickstarter sets only this means that any set after the first edition will have neither of these methods.

Another criticism towards the foil method of keeping track of leveling Up is that unless all future expansions have similar foil releases than some Bosses would not be able to use foils to Level Up. As well, any Custom Boss made by the player would obviously never have a foil release.

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