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Custom cards
Royal Jelly Custom Card by Merethif

An example of a custom card by Merethif

Custom Cards or Homebrew Cards are cards that were not officially released by Brotherwise Games but instead created by fans of the game.

The creation kit was released by Brotherwise Games on March 19th 2013. It was released in both a PSD format designed for Photoshop; as well as one that could be editted using Power Point.

The kit has the ability to make all of the following:

  • Boss Cards of all treasure types including multiple treasures.
  • Epic Heroes of one treasure type (not able to make hybrid heroes).
  • Ordinary Heroes also with only one treasure type.
  • Room cards of all types.
  • Spell cards of in Build, Adventure, or both phases.

The kit did not include any kind of Item card creator, it is unknown if any will be released in the future. The kit included one background image of a wall and floorboards, however this has lead to some in the community complaining that not enough backgrounds were include and that the one that was included was not enough like the actual backgrounds on the cards to truly work.

Guidelines for posting your own Custom Cards on the Wiki

Wiki users may post their own creations on this Wiki; however, the submissions must meet the requirements of the Wiki or they may be deleted or changed.

Each user who wants their creations on the Wiki should first create a page to house their creations. The page should be titled as follows "[nickname/name]'s Custom Cards" an example of this would be "d0ct0rscarecr0w's Custom Cards" (without the double quotes). Once the page is created put it in the category "Custom Cards". DO NOT put it in any other categories, these cards are not considered canon so they do not belong in the other card categories. Please only create one page per user, if you wish to segregate your cards do in only on the page, not by creating multiple pages. please have at least one card ready to post before creating your page, pages will be deleted if they remain cardless for too long. Cards may be in the form of images or text. Please name images of cards in the following format "[Card Name] Custom Card by [Creator's Name]" an example of this could be "Royal Jelly Custom Card by Merethif" this is to help reduce saving over cards that two users may have created with the same name.

Here are things that are not allowed to do with your page:

  • Post cards or images with offensive or pornographic imagery
  • Post other peoples Custom Cards on your page without permission.
  • Link to your page from other pages on the Wiki (Exception: You may link where you want on your page, so if you collaborated with someone it is perfectly okay to have their page link to yours.)

Unless you are an admin, or have permission from the creator, do not edit other peoples pages.

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