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the back of Item cards

Items are a new card type introduced in Tools of Hero Kind mini-expansion. Each turn, before Heroes are revealed, an Item is revealed. Items attach to Heroes of the matching treasure type. An attached Item is placed under the Hero so that the Item's icon and Hero ability are visible.

During the Adventure Phase, the Item gives the Hero a Hero Ability that makes it more of a threat. But if a Boss defeats a Hero, that Boss gets to claim the Item. Then that Item's Boss Ability can grant a one-time benefit comparable to a Spell.

Item cards are intended for players who are already familiar with the core mechanics of the game. They adjust gameplay in the following ways:

  • Heroes are now more of a threat, making it more likely for games to end in Wounds
  • Boss Abilities give players access to Spell-like abilities without needing to invest in Mage Rooms
  • Many of these Boss Abilities include offensive effects that target other players' dungeons and promote more cross-table play

Item cards are not recommended for first-time or novice players.

The Tools of Hero Kind expansion includes the following double-sided rules card for Item Cards:

Tools of Hero-Kind Rules

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