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Spell Deck Back

The back of Spell cards.

Spell cards are one of three card types that a player can have in their hand (the other two being Rooms and Items). They are also the only deck that has nothing to do with Treasure Types.

Each player begins the game with two Spell cards. Spells are rarer than Room cards since generally more Spell cards can only be gotten through Room Effects. If a player wishes to focus on Spells their best bet are Mage Rooms as every Mage Room has some sort of Spell drawing ability. Other than Mage Rooms only Succubus Spa, a Cleric Room, has a spell drawing ability.

Spells can only be played in the Build and/or Adventure Phases. The bottom left corner of each Spell card indicates which of these two it can be played on. Cards with a left facing hammer can be used in the Build Phase. Cards with a right facing axe can be used in the Adventure Phase. Any card with both a hammer and an axe can be used in either.

Players can play as many Spell cards as they want during the proper phase. If two players play Spell cards in the Build Phase and the order of which comes first matters the Boss with the highest XP goes first. In the Adventure Phase the Boss who has a Hero currently going through their Dungeon goes first.

There are a total of 16 unique Spell cards in the Base Set with most of them having Alternative Artor duplicate copies; giving a total of 31 Spell cards (including duplicates) in the Base Set.

A new type of Spell Cards were introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level, called Epic Spells. The cards do not say Epic Spell anywhere on them, but they are easy to identify by the name of the card ending in an exclamation point (!), and the Spell having two text boxes with effects. The top box gives an Ordinary Spell effect which can be used at any time, and is the weaker of the two effects. The second box gives an Epic Spell Effect which a player can activate when a certain condition is met (ie, discarding a card, having a certain amount of Wounds, etc.), and is a stronger version of the Ordinary Spell effect. A good example is Lightning Bolt!, which can deal 3 damage to a Hero in a dungeon, but by discarding a Spell card, the Epic effect can activate and deal 3 damage to each of the Heroes at the entrance of the player's dungeon. The conditions for activating the Epic Spell effect varies from Spell to Spell.

Two additional Promo Spell cards exist. These were Kickstarter exclusive and are no longer acquireable new.

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