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Centipede Tunnel is a Monster Room in the Base Set.

BMA033 Centipede Tunnel

Art by Katrina Guillermo and Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


When you move Rooms with this card's effect, any Rooms beneath the affected Rooms are also affected. "Room stacks" always move together.


A card that has a couple of uses:

  • This can can be used to rearrange the placement of two rooms in your dungeon, useful for re-adapting your dungeon to a new stategy.
  • Or for messing up a dungeon set-up in another opponent's dungeon (ie, placing Minotaur's Maze as the room in a dungeon

Otherwise, this room is good for setting up to build an Advanced Fighter or Mage Room.


"A Centipede in appearance only, this fearsome giant tunnels frenetically beneath Arcadia's surface. Only the strongest Boss Monster can bend them to their will and the horrible grinding sound they make as they approach shakes even the sternest hero's heart."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide