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BMA005 Cerebellus

Cerebellus, The Father Brain is one of the 8 Boss Monsters included in the Boss Monster Base Set.

Character Art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


If you have Spell cards in your hand other than the ones drawn by this effect, you may choose one of those to discard.


Cerebellus's Level Up Ability is good to use at anytime when it is able to be activated. It also works well when the player has already accumulated a hand full of Spell Cards, as it allows the player to hold onto Spell Cards that they may like, and discard their least favorite.


"As a youth, Dumbledalf was a loyal friend to the dark wizard who became Cerebellus. Some say they were more than friends..."

-According to the Dumbledalf (Ordinary Hero) card.

"Cerebellus, the Father Brain is not like other Boss Monsters. There  are legends that he arrived in Arcadia from places unknown, and brought his dreaded Brainsuckeers with him. Whether true or not, there's no doubt that these foul creatures and their master are alien in effect, if not in origin."

-Excerpt from the Brainsucker Hive Arcadian Lore in the Strategy Guide.


Cerebellus may be inspired by Mother Brain, a villian created by Nintendo for its Metroid video game series.

'Dumbledalf', obviously, is a portmanteau of the names 'Dumbledore' and 'Gandalf', both prominent wizards in their respective novel series.

The Strategy Guide gives strategies for all Base Set Bosses except for Cerebellus. While his boss card is not shown, he is shown on the cover and mentioned in the The Brothers Wise guide, the Brainsucker Hive lore, and has a conversation with King Croak on the last page.

In the pre-alpha versin of the game, Cerebellus was red instead of brownish.

It has been mentioned in Boss Monster's Kickstarter Campaign comments that Cerebellus is Brother One's favorite boss.