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KSA016 Demigod

is an Epic Hero and a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Card.


If there is a tie for the fewest Wounds, the Demigod stays in town for that turn.


"In the training grounds of Arcadia's most holy orders, no other room is discussed with as much fervor as the fabled Dark Alter. Legend has it that a dark hero known as the Demigod was born of this alter by the sacrifice of a holy paladin by Xyzax, the Progenitor Lich. Made a powerful beyond imagining by those dark magics, the Demigod escaped his dark lord and vowed revenge on all the masters of Arcadia's dungeons. Or so the story goes..."

-Excerpt from the Dark Altar section of the Strategy Guide


He may be a reference to Fierce Deity in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.

He could also be a reference to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7.

He is one of the most powerful Hero cards in Boss Monster.

In the Alpha Prototype 1Demigod had two player markers at the bottom of the card, signifing he was to be played in 2 player and up games. This was later changed to a Star as he is a completely optional card.