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BMA029 Dizzygas Hallway AA

Two alternative art versions of the card.

Dizzygas Hallway is a Trap Room in the Base Set. Two Alternative Art versions of the card are included in the Base Set.

Object art by Andres Sanabria Guillen.

Background art by David Nyari.

Could be a reference to giygas from earthbound.


The "next" Room is in regard to the room that the hero would enter after Dizzygas Hallway (per the game space rules, this would normally be the room on the right).

If there is no Room after Dizzygas Hallway, or it is not a Trap Room, this card's ability has no effect.


This card is solely meant for boosting a Trap Room card immediately following this card, thus making it a friend to all Trap Rooms. This card works decently with Construction Zone, as Construction Zone can allow this room to be built in the same turn, and +4 is added to the dungeon.

Centipede Tunnel also works well with this card, in case the player needs to adjust their dungeon to make sure a Trap Room follows after this card.


"Dizzygas was first concocted by Gorgona in her alchemical dungeons. Originally intended as a chemical that would turn heroes against one another. It merely left them disoriented, but more than a little unprepared for the whatever horrors awaiting them in her next room."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide