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Dracolich Lair

BMA013 Dracolich Lair

is an Advanced Monster Room in the Base Set.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


Like any effect that targets a “Room,” this may target an ordinary Room or Advanced Room.

If you do not have two Room cards in your hand, you may not use this card's ability.


This card is good later on in a game, as it allows a player to discard any extra room cards they have to gain access to another Room card (such as Bottomless Pit). Cards that allow the player to build up their hand with Room cards also pair with this card.


"Dracoliches occupy that category of monster just under Bosses. Powerful beyond measure, the only thing keeping them in check is that their fascination with the dead only just surpasses their hunger for the living."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"“Daddy, can I have a Dracolich for my birthday?”

“A Dracolich?”

“Mmhmm. Tommy’s mom got him one for his birthday.”

“Geez, I don’t know. I heard they claw like crazy, and most of the furniture in this wing of the dungeon is new.”

“Daaaad! Please, please, please!”

“God. Yes, okay, just leave me in peace.”

“Tommy has a minotaur too.”


[later in the article]

"As the old Dracolich goes scavenging for these dead remnants and brings them back to life"

-Excerpt from the Dracolich Lair card of the day entry