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BMA001 Draculord

Draculord is one of the 8 original Boss cards in the Base Set.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


Draculord's Level Up Ability can be used at any time, especially after an opponent has obtained a Spell Card or Room card in some way, like with Dark Laboratory or with a Level Up Ability. In a situation when this Boss is pitted against Cleopatra or King Croak, and the room the player picks cannot be immediately built after either of those Boss' activate their Ability, this Boss' Ability can be used to steal that card. However, this card also works well after using Jeopardy in the same turn as this Boss' Ability activates, as the player can steal either one of the two Room cards, or steal the only Spell card the opponent would have.


"Draculord is widely regarded as the most eligible bachelor among Arcadia's boss monsters. In addition to his harem of vampiress minions, he is the chosen consort of Seducia."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"This charming couple loves snuggling by the fireplace, cooking together, and slowly peeling the skin off still-screaming adventurers. Ahh, to be centuries old and in love again…"

-Excerpt from the Secudia & Draculord card of the day entry


Draculord is likely a parody of the famous vampire Dracula.