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THK001 Extra Life

Extra Life is a Cleric Item from the Tools of Hero Kind expansion.


The Boss ability of this card refers to the end of turn check for wounds. If you use this card any time during a turn, you are immune to that turn's wound check and cannot lose the game due to wounds; the next turn will start as normal and if you still have 5 or more wounds by the end of turn, you will lose.

If a Hero with this Item would be killed by damage or an ability, it returns to town instead. Detach this Item from that Hero and place it in the scorekeeping area of the dungeon through which the Hero was moving.


  • This card features Marius, the Hero who appeared in prototypes of the original set and on the cover of Boss Monster: Master of the Dungeon.
  • While 1-Ups are a staple of 8-bit and 16-bit video games, this particular style of 1-Up (as well as the pose Marius is striking) is reminiscent of the Mega Man series.