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Francisco the Endbringer

BMA078 Francisco the Endbringer

is an Ordinary Hero in the Alpha Prototype 2. This card is a tribute to Francisco Coda, an artist who worked on Boss Monster.

The card does not make an appearance in the Base Set as it is a placeholder in the prototype that was filled by a Kickstarter comissioned Hero card.

Character art by Johnny O'Neal.

Background art by David Nyari.


This highly trained assassin from the southern Silver Kingdom is known as the "painter of blood."


This character is an homage to Boss Monster artist Francisco Coda. The name "endbringer" is a reference to "coda" (meaning "end" in music) and the "Silver Kingdom" is a reference to Francisco Coda's homeland of Argentina (the name of which is derived from the Latin word for silver, 'argentum').