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BMA046 Freeze

Freeze is a Spell card in the Base Set.

Character art by Kyle Merritt.

Background art by David Nyari.


If you deactivate a Room during the Build phase that would have triggered their Boss card’s Level Up ability, that Level Up ability does not trigger until the End of Turn phase, when the room reactivates.

When picking a target for Freeze, the target Room must be an active room. The room cannot be under an active card, deactivated, already frozen, or not built.


It is the only Spell Card to have 4 copies in the Base Set.  The monster featured on this card is a possible reference to Octoroks in the Legend of Zelda Series.

The frozen enviroment seems to be the same environment it shares with Johnny of the Talent Watch. The frozen enviroment on this card is a possible reference to the Zora's Domain which was frozen in the Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda game.