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Frostbat Cave alt

A Mage type Monster Room introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level.


This card is best built over a card that has an Uncover effect, as not only will this card's effect activate, but the Uncover card's effect will as well. This card is meant to be used when the player knows a strong Hero is going to go to an opponent's dungeon, or when that Hero is already at the entrance to their dungeon, allowing for a Wound to be dealt.


In an attempt to uphold their Kickstarter Exclusive promise, the Brothers have designed a few cards to replicate some cards that were exclusive to Kickstarter Backers of the first game. This card aims to replicate the Bone Crank, but with a twist, While the Bone Crank deals 1 damage and has a "When this card is built" effect, Frostbat Cave deals 2 damage, and its effect is activated upon this card being destroyed.