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BMA015 Goblin Armory

Armory is a Monster Room in the Base Set. It is the only Room in the Base Set to have two Fighter Treasures.

Character art by Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


"Adjacent" Rooms refer to Rooms on both the right and left side of Goblin Armory. If one of these rooms is deactivated, the bonus is lost for that Room and is not carried to the next Room.

Boss cards do not count as Rooms, and receive no benefit from Goblin Armory


This card is best built inbetween Monster Rooms for the card to take full effect, and is a friend to all Monster Rooms.

If a player is fortunate enough to get two Goblin Armories, the two card can either be built right next to each other, boosting each other while boosting other cards on their other sides, or built in the 2nd and 4th rooms of a dungeon, while the 1st, 3rd and 5th rooms are also monster cards, so that the 1st and 5th room get a +1 boost, while the 3rd room gets a +2 boost.

The only complication of this setup is that it is limited to using Monster Rooms, which can slightly limit a player's baiting options, and there are cards which easily target Monster Rooms, especially Item Cards, such as Claws of the Berserker, or Goblin Suit.


"Goblins have long served as the armorers of a dungeon's monsters. They're hard working, crafty, and best of all, you can pay them in gibbets of human flesh!"

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


Goblin Armory was orginially called Goblin Mess Hall. However, Goblin Mess Hall would eventually come in Boss Monster 2.

Goblin Mess Hall 2

Pre-alpha art of "Goblin Mess Hall"