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BMA016 Golem Factory

Golem Factory is a Monster Room in the Base Set.

Character art by Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


A card that is best built in the later rooms of a dungeon (rooms 3 to 5) so as to activate the effect of the card. This card is good for building up large hands full of Room cards so as to use such Room effects of Witch's Kitchen and Dracolich Lair. Cards that can boost this card's damage, like Goblin Armory or Goblin Nursery, help this card to activate its effect more often.


"Legend says that the first golems were heroes turned to stone by Gorgona and then animated by the artificers of Nos. Whether this is true or not, not [sic] one knows, but some wisemen have claimed that the Angry Goldem Robobo was actually their first victim, and his rages are actually continued grief over the loss of his humanity."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


The golem's emerging from the factory bear a resemblance to Billy and Jimmy Lee, the main protagonists of the Double Dragon video game series.