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BMA008 Gorgona

Gorgona is one of the 8 original Boss cards in the Base Set.

Gorgona PA

Pre-Alpha art for the card.

thumb|NaNxNaNpx|Pre-Alpha art for the card.|link=

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.thumb|NaNxNaNpx|Pre-Alpha art for the card.|link= art by Katrina Guillermo. Background art by David Nyari.


You may choose either a Basic Hero or an Epic Hero for this Level-Up ability, if one is one in town.

If an opponent stops you from triggering your Level Up ability during the Build phase, and if no Heroes are left in town during the end of turn phase, this card’s Level Up ability is wasted.


Gorgona's Level Up Ability can be used as soon as possible, but can also be used in a devious manner. If their is a Hero in town that would potentially go to an opponent, this Boss' Ability allows the player to immediately kill that hero upon activation, thus preventing their opponent from gaining a Soul that turn.


"Legend says that the first golems were heroes turned to stone by Gorgona and then animated by the artificers of Nos. Whether this is true or not, not [sic] one knows, but some wisemen have claimed that the Angry Golem Robobo was actually their first victim, and his rages are actually continued grief over the loss of his humanity."

-Excerpt from the Golem Factory section of the Strategy Guide

"Dizzygas was first concocted by Gorgona in her alchemical dungeons. Originally intended as a chemical that would turn heroes against one another. It merely left them disoriented, but more than a little unprepared for the whatever horrors awaiting them in her next room."

-Excerpt from the Dizzygas Hallway section of the Strategy Guide

"Gorgona is one of our favorite bosses. She’s smart, sassy, and knows what she wants out of life. And what she wants is to reduce heroes to crude granite and lime stone likenesses of their former selves. What a catch!"

-Excerpt from the Gorgona card of the day entry


The name of this comes from an actual Greek monster called a Gorgon. Her title, Queen of Medusia, makes mention of a particular Gorgon, Medusa, and is featured in the legend of Perseus.

Interestingly, many games that include a Gorgon like monster will call it a Medusa rather than a Gorgon.