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Gregore Card

Gregore, Death Knight is one of 12 bosses included in Rise Of the Minibosses. He is a stout knight clad in imposing black armor, with a massive two-handed sword strapped across his back.


When you level up, for the rest of the game you can gain one Coin whenever you kill a Hero for the first time each turn. No matter how you kill the Hero (with a Room, Spell, or other ability) you gain that coin.


Gregore's Level Up ability is active as soon as you level up. This becomes a reliable source of Coins in the late game, allowing you to use Coin-based Room abilities or purchase and promote Minibosses.


Gregore is a Death Knight, an archetypal undead monster seen in characters like Lord Soth from Dragonlance or Dark Knight from Shovel Knight. His name may be a reference to Gregor Clegane, the knight-turned-undead adversary from Game of Thrones.