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Boss Monster Mages

The Mage Bosses in Boss Monster: The Next Level. Here, the name of the boss has been changed to Kazanna, most likely to avoid confusion of a Pokemon with the name Kadabra.

BM2 Kadabra

Here is the original name of the card. It was most likely changed to Kazanna, for there is a Pokemon named Kadabra.


the new name

OThe Game Genie. Formerly known as Kadabra. Kazanna is a Boss card that will be introduced in Boss Monster 2.


Kazanna's Level Up Ability works in a way somewhat similar to Cerebellus's Ability, but in a reverse manner. This ability is best used when the player has only one card left in their hand, as it will minimize any damage of discarding cards the player could have used.

Though as of yet unknown, it could also be possible for the player to use this ability while the player has no cards in their hand. However, this is up for debate until an Advanced Rulebook becomes available for The Next Level.


Kazanna's former name, Kadabra, was most likely changed due to the fact that a Pokemon has that name as well. This is not the first time this has occurred, as their is a Monster Room introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level that is named Fangroot Garden, a renaming after it was going to be named Carnivine Garden, Carnivine in this case also being the name of a Pokemon.

His description may also be a reference to the Game Genie, an old-school cheating system for retro games.