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Things backers earned when the project reached specific amounts.

Boss Monster Base Set achieved funding through Kickstarter between October 18th and November 18th 2012. The project was set to achieve 12,000 dollars in order to pay to start projection of Boss Monsters. The project was a tremendous success reaching nearly 20,000 dollars by the end of the first day and ending with 215,056 dollars. Along the way stretch goals were added to unlock other things as the project reached various amounts of funding. Some of the stretch goals included: Promo Cards, Higher Printing quality, an expansion getting its own Kickstarter, Tokens, Custom Card templates, Holographic Boss Cards, and a Golden Game Sleeve.

Many of the stretch goals were suggestions by fans and implemented by Brotherwise Games. Some suggestions were considered but never made the cut, such as specialized sleeves, a playmat, physical copies of the Strategy Guide , and posters.

Backer Commissioned Cards[]

There were various 'pledge levels' that allowed backers to back different amounts of money to get more of the extras. Some of these levels allowed backers to name and design different cards. All Hero cards in the official release (with the exception of The Fool) were designed by fans. 4 Promo Bosses were also designed by fans, and one fan was allowed to name the Golden Dragon.

Kickstarter Videos[]


Boss Monster Kickstarter Video

Main Kickstarter Video


Boss Monster Gameplay Video-1

Gameplay video added on day 2 of the Kickstarter project.