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BMA003 King Croak

King Croak is one of the original 8 Bosses included with the Base Set of Boss Monster.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


If neither the Room deck nor the discard pile contains an Advanced Monster Room, this card’s ability is wasted.

If you do not have a Room with a matching Treasure type, you may keep the Advanced Room in your hand.


This Boss' Level Up Ability works similarly to Cleopatra's Ability, but is oriented towards Monster Rooms. King Croak's Ability allows the player to gain immediate access to such cards as Liger's Den, Beast Menagerie and Monster's Ballroom. When Item Cards are being used in play, the player can even gain immediate access to Orcish Smithy and Burial Mound.


"King Croak is the undisputed ruler of the sewers beneath Arcadia's Largest cities. Thus far, no hero has dared to plumb the depths of those tunnels to find and defeat him."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"Getting a helmet was his first priority, defeating King Croak was his next."

-Excerpt from the Marius Epic Hero Card.

"This surly warrior defeated the mighty Squib. Lord of the Rocktopi. Now he seeks to destroy King Croak Himself..."

-Excerpt from the Nate the Squibslayer card.


King Croak may be a parody of the boss Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2 . King Croak may also be a parody of the boss King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series. Evidence includes their matching overall build, their crowns, red capes, and coloration of skin and belly.

He is consider the mascot of the game and is featured on the Box Art of the Base Set and on many of the images about the game on Brotherwise Games site and the Kickstarter Page as well as on the three of the Kickstarter Exclusive 10-Dohs.

The game Pixel Lincoln featured a King Croak boss card as a nod towards Boss Monster and Boss Monster included a Pixel Lincoln card.

A humorous youtube video featured King Croak's retirement and replacement by the upcoming hero Greg. Brotherwise Games recognized this video in their kickstarter

King Croak has also inspired various fan art such as the below example by Darren Calvert.

King Croak, World's Best Boss[]


King Croak, World's Best Boss, is one of 12 bosses included in Rise Of the Minibosses.



King Croak, World's Best Boss may be a reference to Michael Scott from The Office, with his "World's Best Boss" mug.