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KSA001 Kirax TBD

Kirax is a Boss card and a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo card. The Boss was named by Kickstarter backer Tremane Barclay.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


Once this Level Up ability triggers, it adds one Cleric treasure, one Fighter treasure and one Mage treasure (in addition to the card’s one Thief treasure) to your treasure total for the rest of the game.


Kirax's Level Up Ability is best activated as soon as possible, or activated when a player has built enough powerful rooms, as this Boss' Ability is aimed solely at luring in more Heroes than other Bosses.


"Kirax, the Great Golden Dragon, and oldest of Arcadia's Boss Monsters made her lair atop the fabled Gate of Ancients. Heroes seeking the secrets of the gate must first pass through her and the hundreds of hatchlings that guard her dungeons."

-Excerpt from the Dragon Hatchery section of the Strategy Guide

"Only a knight with a clever mind, strong arms, and a pure heart could possibly defeat the Golden Dragon."

-Excerpt from the Sir Jarek card

The young cleric was well-armed, and brave enough to take on the Dragon King himself. His credo: "I bash it with my mace."

-Excerpt from the Nick the Masher card

"The survivor of Dralonia vowed to save the world from Kirax's reign with the power bestowed by the last emerald dragon."

-Excerpt from the Koey, the Last Dragon Mage card

"TBD’s dungeon is the most dangerous in the land of Arcadia, and heroes just can’t resist the fame and glory that could come out of adventuring there. He’s the ultimate Boss Monster"

-Excerpt from The Golden Dragon card of the day entry


Tremane named the card Kirax after his wife, Kira for her and the X to make it sound more dragonlike. in the Alpha Prototype 1 'Kirax: The Gatekeeper' was originally called 'TBD: The Golden Dragon'. TBD stood for "To Be Determined" as Tremane Barclay (Kickstarter Backer) bought the rights to name the dragon.

Even though the subtle was changed to The Gatekeeper, the Sir Jarek Hero card and the Dragon Hatchery monster card still refers to the Boss as "The Golden Dragon".

The Nick the Masher Hero card refers to this Boss as "King Dragon".

Kirax has the highest XP of all Bosses.

In Boss Monster: The Next Level, there is an Advanced Room called Hatchling's Hoard, which is essentially a stronger form of Dragon Hatchery. It features a baby Kirax. The new Spell card Surprise Gift also features baby Kirax.