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Kyle the Incorruptible is an Ordinary Hero in the

BMA059 Kyle the Incorruptible

Alpha Prototype 2. The card was named after Kyle Merritt, one of the artists hired by Brotherwise Games to make card art.

The card does not make an appearance in the Base Set as it is a placeholder in the prototype that was filled by a Kickstarter comissioned Hero card.

Character art by Kyle Merritt (edited by Johnny O'Neal).

Background art by David Nyari.


This acolyte of the Order declared himself free from sin and immune to temptation unwavering agent of virtue.


The term 'Incorruptible' may have to do with Kyle's last name (Merritt),  which is similar to the word merit, meaning "of commendable quality".

Kyle appears to be a palette swap with the character on the Agent of Evil Spell card, the robe being changed from black to white. While Agent of Evil holds the sword in his left hand, Kyle holds it in his right; this could be a reference to the idea that left-handedness is 'sinister'. The real-world explanation for this is that the Agent of Evil, like several other characters designed by Kyle Merritt, was drawn with both left-handed and right-handed variations. It is unknown if there is any actual connection between the cards.