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Liger's Den

BMA026 Liger's Den

is an Advanced Monster Room in the Base Set.

Character art by Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


If a Spell is declared but canceled (with an effect like Counterspell), it does not trigger Liger’s Den.

If you have 2 Liger's Den in your dungeon and play 1 Spell, draw 2 Spells cards. This affect can only happen once per turn.


Meant for those players who are rolling with a Spell-centric strategy, this card ensures that a player will always have at least 1 Spell card in their hand if they aren't using too many at once. This card pairs nicely with other Mage Rooms that allow a player access to Spell cards. Liger's Den also gains from cards like Goblin Armory, and even works wonderfully with Giant Size or Annihilator, especially Giant Size.


"Bred for its skills in magic, the Liger is pretty much the most powerful magical beast in all of Arcadia."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


This card is possibly a reference to the film, Napoleon Dynamite, As a similar Liger is drawn in the movie.