Not much about the backstory of the game is currently known. The land in which the game takes place is called Arcadia and is apparently filled with Boss Monsters that require Souls as some form of energy. The land is also filled with Towns full of would be Heroes that wish to explore Dungeons in order to gain Treasure.

Locations in ArcadiaEdit

Gate of the Ancients: Location of Kirax's dungeon and nest.

Silver Kingdom: Francisco the Endbringer hails from here. Assasins are trained in the southern part of the kingdom.

The Highlands: Kerberos Dirtbeard, Canine Warrior hails from here.

Astoria: A coastal city brimming with treasure and trap filled caves. Blackbeard Jake comes from here.

Sewers: These link all the largest cities in Arcadia. King Croak uses them as his base and humans generally avoid them.

Dungeons: Dungeons are all over the land. Gorgona preforms alchemy and chemistry in her dungeon. Seducia's dungeon is apparently icy.

There is more than one princess in Arcadia which suggests there are other kingdoms aside from the Silver Kingdom.

Characters and groups not shownEdit

Tiamat: Nearly killed Stiile. It is unknown if the character is human, monster, or boss.

Nerva: Was locked inside a rapier, Cecil Leoran, Master Factotum quests to release her.

Arcadian Innkeepers: They don't like Asmor the Aweless as he breaks doors.

Monks of Nintehn: Distill 'brandewijn' that Lord Van Ette can use it for 'miracles'.

The Murdered Wizard: Former master of Ratkiller the Masterless.

Time-Traveling Hero: Father of Daphne, Daughter of Legends.

Legendary Princess: Mother of Daphne, Daughter of Legneds.

'Dark Wizard': Cerebellus used to be a human and a 'dark wizard'.. His human name is unknown. He was friends with Dumbledalf.

Tieg's 'People': Tieg and the Magic Bubble is on a quest to return musical intrusments to his people.

The Talent Watch: Johnny of the Talent Watch is a member of this guild that gives up their family to go dungeon hunting.