BMA036 Mimic Vault
Mimic Vault is a Trap Room in the Base Set.

This card had an error in the prototype editions of Boss Monster, in which it appeared as a hybrid Fighter/Mage room. In the final game, it is correctly printed as a Mage/Thief room.

Object art by Beau Buckley.

Background art by David Nyari.


When you build this Room, if there is a Hero in town, you must use this Room’s ability.

Strategy Edit

A card that is best built early in the game, and should be built when intending to steal a Hero that would have potentially gone to your opponent. When Item cards are being used, it is also a good way to steal an Item card, if the player can kill the Hero. This card works well with Dizzygas Hallway, especially since this card has a low damage output.

Otherwise, after the effect has been used, it makes for easy 'ammo' for such cards as Boulder Ramp, or to allow easy access to build an Advanced Mage or Thief Room.


This card is originally indicated as a Fighter/Mage treasure room in the Alpha Prototype , but it was actually meant to be a Mage/Thief treasure room.