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Mobi is a Fighter Type Boss that will be introduced in the Portable Power Expansion pack. Backers of Boss Monster: The Next Level, who opted for the Collector's Box, will get early access, while the expansion will come to stores at a later date.

With the Portable Power Expansion Pack brings forth a new type of card effect: Portable, which allows a player to take a Room they have built with a Portable effect, and place it back in their hand during the Build Phase.


Mobi is a Boss designed to look like a Classic Game Boy. Even the colors of the portrait are like that of a Game Boy.


Mobi's Level Up Ability is best activated as soon as possible, as it allows the player to make all Monster Room cards in their dungeon Portable. And cards being Portable means a player can take a room card and place it back in their hand, which gives a player control over the layout of their dungeon.

Portable Rooms may pair well with Uncover rooms, as a Portable Room could be built over an Uncover Room over and over again, and the Portable Room be taken back to activate the Uncover effect every turn.


Mobi is styled as an original Game Boy, albeit with a couple more buttons.

Mobi's XP is a reference to the year the Game Boy came out in Japan and in North America, 1989.

Mobi may be a reference to Bmo from Adventure Time.