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Monster's Ballroom i

BMA020 Monster's Ballroom

s an Advanced Monster Room in the Base Set.

Note that that the rooms effect includes itself. So, the room can do between 1 and 5 damage under normal conditions.

Character art by Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


The ability of this Room includes itself, but does not count your Boss or any deactivated Rooms.

If another effect destroys or deactivates a Room in your dungeon, Monster’s Ballroom immediately changes to reflect the new number of active Monster Rooms.


A room specifically meant for a Monster Room oriented dungeon. This card pairs with several rooms nicely, including Goblin Armory, Goblin Nursery, Goblin Mess Hall (giving this room a damage boost, which allows this card to deal massive damage), and it also pairs well with Minotaur's Maze, as Minotaur's Maze will cause a Hero to go back a room, and if that room happens to be Monster's Ballroom, in a dungeon full of other Monster Room cards, this room can potentially deal 10 damage.

A big weakness comes from the fact that building a Monster Room centric dungeon limits the players in their baiting options, while also making them targets towards some cards, especially Item Cards like Berserker Claws and Goblin Suit, as well as Pet Monster.


"The Ballroom is so deadly that adventurers use it to describe any situation that has gone from bad to worse. "How bad was it?" "You have no idea. Sir Poultice opened the locked chest and then everything went nuts. Turned into a real Ballroom." "Sorry to hear that.""

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"Can Monsters dance?  Oh yes, monsters can dance. Can Monsters beat the holy hell out of incoming heroes? Oh yes, yes they can."

-Excerpt from the Monster's Ballroom card of the day entry


The monster on the right side of the card may be based on Keldon Warlord from Magic: The Gathering.