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Neanderthal Cave

BMA018 Neanderthal Cave

is a Monster Room in theBase Set.

Character art by Kyle Merritt

Background art by David Nyari.


While this card has a decent damage output for an Ordinary Room card, its effect is a rather big hindrance. So, when using this card, it is best to build other boosting cards around it, like Goblin Armory, or to build another Ordinary Room on top of it so as to make room for Advanced Rooms to be built later. Ordinary Room cards built over this card could be used for card ammo, which would then reveal this card.


"A holdover from Arcadia's ice age, neanderthals inhabit the caves and crags of the Ran'somm Mountains. Fierce, brutal and frankly, stupid, neaderthals rely on primitive technologies to get their painful point across."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


The neanderthals in the cards art bare a resemblence to characters from the video game, River City Ransom.