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A Hybrid Hero introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level. It is one of 6 Hybrid Heroes that exist. This Hero is lured by the dungeon with the highest combined Cleric and Thief treasures (a dungeon does not need both treasure to lure this hero, it just needs the highest amount of one, the other, or both).

The effect of this card makes it the most potentially dangerous Hero, because it technically allows this Hero to deal the most damage out of any Hero card, while taking away a Soul. This card is still subject to the effects of Rooms and Spells, so it is not impossible to kill. Just hard.


Due to some confusion in the meaning of the name, a necromancer has come to mean one who can raise and control the dead. A mancer of any sort is actually one who can tell a fortune or read one's future, so a necromancer is really one who can tell someone's future by means of the dead, ranging from communicating with ghosts to 'reading' bones and teeth.