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KSA016 Pixel Lincoln

Pixel Lincoln is an Epic Hero and a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Card. Unlike most Heroes he does not have a treasure type instead he goes to the player with the most cards in hand. He is currently the only Hero with an "appear in town" effect.


The decision to draw up to 3 Spell cards is done in XP order. If you have the highest XP, once you decide to or not to draw cards, you cannot change your mind afterwards.


Pixel Lincoln refers to the recently released card game that was also funded through kickstarter. Because of the similarities between Boss Monster and Pixel Lincoln (both being card games about video games with pixeled graphics) the two companies decided to each make a card representive of the other game. This card was Boss Monster's tribute to Pixel Lincoln, Pixel Lincoln included a boss card of King Croak.

Pixel Lincoln's ability is a most likely a reference to deck building game. Where people draw a certain amount of cards at the beginning of their turns.

Pixel Lincoln has the second highest overall hit points of all currently released Hero cards.