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BMA031 Recycling Center

Recycling Center is an Advanced Trap Room in the Base Set.

Object art by Kyle Merritt.

Background art by David Nyari.


This effect triggers anytime a Room is destroyed in your dungeon, even if those Rooms are being destroyed to activate an ability. This is the only Room card that can benefit from that. For example if you use Zombie Prison's ability, you get to perform that ability as well as draw 2 Room cards.

However, if Recycling Center is the target of the destruction, you do not draw 2 Room cards.


This card works incredibly well with basically all Thief Rooms. It also pairs nicely with such cards as Dracolich Lair and Witch's Kitchen, since this card allows for a quick building of a large hand. This card also works with Room Cards with an uncover effect, for as rooms that are over such cards are destroyed, both the Uncover rooms and Recycling Center are both activated.


In the Alpha Prototype 2, Recycling Center was accidently mislabeled as a 'Trap Room' rather than an 'Advanced Trap Room'.

Note that the bomb cart depicted in the art reference is an easter egg for The Bomb Item card in the Tools of Hero Kind Mini-expansion.