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BMA004 Robobo

Robobo is one of the 8 original Boss cards in the Base Set.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


When this Level-Up is activated, all opponents get to choose which Room, the player with Robobo does not choose.

Any Room destroyed in this way does not trigger any "destroy this Room" abilities, except for Rooms with the ability of "When another room in your dungeon is destroyed" affects, such as Recycling Center.

In the case when Robobo and an opposing, lower-XP Boss, would level up at the same time, Robobo's ability doesn't prevent the other Boss from levelling up by eliminating the fifth Room, as leveling up happens immediately after revealing the fifth Room card.


Robobo's Level Up Ability can be used as soon as possible, as it can mean forcing players to destroy a room and potentially allowing them to gain a wound that turn, and/or allowing the player to lure in more Heroes, while also potentially stalling them from using their own Level Up Abilities.

This Boss' Ability can also be saved until the late turns of the game when Epic Heroes are coming into play, as forcing a player to destroy a room can potentially mean them getting two wounds.


"Robobo is a clockwork construct, brought to life through a combination of magic and technology. His anger is legendary, and his ground-pounding punches create earthquakes that collapse tunnels and destroy dungeons."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"Legend says that the first golems were heroes turned to stone by Gorgona and then animated by the artificers of Nos. Whether this is true or not, not [sic] one knows, but some wisemen have claimed that the Angry Goldem Robobo was actually their first victim, and his rages are actually continued grief over the loss of his humanity."

-Excerpt from the Golem Factory section of the Strategy Guide


The Alpha 1 version of the card has the level up ability "Choose and destroy one Room in any dungeon." In the Alpha 2 and official release, this ability reads, "Each opponent must choose and destroy one Room in his or her dungeon." The card appears to be a reference to Abobo, an enemy in the Double Dragon series.