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BMA006 Seducia

Seducia is one of the original 8 Boss cards in the Base Set.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


If there are no Heroes left in the Hero decks, this ability is wasted.


Seducia's Ability allows a player to potentially steal a Hero from an opponent that would have gotten them during the turn this card's ability is activated, so this Boss' Ability is best saved in a situation when the player can deprive an opponent of gaining a Soul they would have otherwise gotten. This ability can also be used to steal a hero from the Hero deck to prevent an opponent from gaining that hero.

The text, however, does not stop a player from searching through the Epic Hero deck and placing an Epic Hero at the entrance of their dungeon. However, a player should only do this in a situation where they can actually kill the Epic Hero, by either having built strong rooms, or by having a Bottomless Pit ready to activate.


"The ravishing Seducia was once a mortal echantress, but she has found the secret to eternal youth. Her siren call has lured many men - and women - into deadly dungeons."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"Draculord is widely regarded as the most eligible bachelor among Arcadia's boss monsters. In addition to his harem of vampiress minions, he is the chosen consort of Seducia."

-Excerpt from the Draculord section of the Strategy Guide

"Situated at the deepest center of Seducia's dungeon, the Bone Crank sits in a cavern too cold for the living to survive. With a few turns of the frozen gears, the necromatic magic of the Crank reaches out, sending a deathly chill to the dungeons of her rivals."

-Excerpt from the Bone Crank section of the Strategy Guide

"This charming couple loves snuggling by the fireplace, cooking together, and slowly peeling the skin off still-screaming adventurers. Ahh, to be centuries old and in love again…"

-Excerpt from the Secudia & Draculord card of the day entry