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Red dragon

Smoake is a Boss card that is set to appear in Boss Monster 2.


Smoake's Level Up Ability is best activated as soon as possible, as it can be used the rest of the game. The Ability of this Boss focuses a player to build a mostly Monster Room oriented dungeon in order to take full effect of the ability, which also allows it to build more Monster Rooms, thus feeding the ability. This Boss works well with cards that require cards to be discarded from the hand, such as Witch's Kitchen and Dracolich Lair.


Formerly known as TBD, The Red Dragon The Brothers auctioned the naming rights on eBay, much in a manner similar to the original Kickstarter, which allowed a backer to buy the naming rights to the Golden Dragon, now known as Kirax.

All proceeds made for the naming rights have gone to charity.

Smoake the Dwarfbane is a reference to the dragon Smaug from The Hobbit, which had taken over a Dwarf kingdom and killed many of them. Interestingly, even the large scar on Smoake's breast is similar to Smaug's weakspot, which ultimately meant Smaug's doom.