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BMA011 Specter's Sanctum

Specter's Sanctum is a Monster Room in the Base Set.

Character art by Francisco Coda.

Background art by David Nyari.


When you use this ability, your chosen opponent holds up all of his or her Spell cards (keeping the face of the cards concealed) and you choose the card to be discarded. Credited from Boss Monster Advanced Rules Guide.

If an opponent has only one Spell card, he or she automatically discards that card. If no opponent has a Spell card, this ability is wasted. Credited from Boss Monster Advanced Rules Guide.


This card is mostly meant to be played when the player wants to force an opponent to get rid of a Spell card. This card works well in conjunction with other Cleric Room cards that allow a player to get Spell Cards from out of the discard pile, or with a card like Imp Temple, from Boss Monster: The Next Level. Otherwise, this card can easily be used as ammo for cards like Boulder Ramp.


"It's said that the oldest of these dark rooms contain the souls of slain mages, still hungry for magics'. Today's mages avoid them like the plague, while Arcadian Clerics make their fame and fortune clearing these rooms of their dark spirits."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide