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Super Effective! (goofed card)

This card was posted during an update for The Next Level. This picture, however, is not one of the final product, and is a picture of a goof up. The red hearts should be black.

Super Effective! alt

Super Effective! is an Epic Spell introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level


The first printing of this card is misprinted. The hearts on the card should be black, because a Room deals damage (not Health). A Hero is only “lured” to a dungeon if it moved to a dungeon entrance as part of the Bait phase. If another effect, such as Princess in Peril, places a Hero at the entrance to a dungeon, it does not count against this card’s ability.


The primary effect of this card applies only when there are multiple Heroes lured to the user's dungeon.

The Epic effect applies when only one hero has been lured to the user's dungeon, and is good for dealing with a powerful Ordinary Hero early on, or even works well against a single Epic Hero.


The name of the card comes from a phrase from Pokemon when a move of a certain type works well against another, thus dealing more damage to the opposing Pokemon.

This spell card features a similar scenery to Wild Monster, but features the hyena fire-type monster attacking Marius.