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BMA032 The Crushinator

The Crushinator is a Advanced Trap Room in the Base Set.

Art by David Nyari.


This Room's +2 damage bonus affects all active Rooms (including The Crushinator itself) in your dungeon, including any Room revealed when a Room above it is destroyed by this ability, as well as any Rooms revealed through effects of any other cards.

This Room's +2 damage bonus persists until end of turn, even if the Crushinator is destroyed

As long as you have other Rooms in your dungeon to destroy, there is no limit to the number of times this ability can be used in one turn.

However, this has been changed in later revision of the game.  In the English 4th Edition of Boss Monster, and "Boss Monster Errata 1" available at, the card now reads: "Once per turn, you may destroy another Room in your dungeon to give all your Rooms +2 until end of turn." (Cards obtained at will have a Crushinator card with regular art, and a second card that has alternate art).


This card works well with Recycling Center, for Recycling Center's effect is activated anytime The Crushinator's effect is activated.

This card also works well with cards that have an uncover effect and have a room built over top of them that can be destroyed, for when the room built over the Uncover room is destroyed, not only is the uncover effect activated, it also gets a damage boost thanks to The Crushinator.


"Powered by steamworks and ancient magics, the crushing, grinding pistons of the Crushinator have claimed more than their fair share of heroes who were not nimble enough to pass through them, or not wise enough to avoid them."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


The Crushinator PA

Pre-Alpha art for the card.

This was one of the earliest created cards for the game. over the course of development the card went through many changes before arrivinge at the final art and effect.

The spiked pillars resemble those from Super Mario World.

The alpha version of this card did +3 instead of +2.