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Voki, the God of trickery[]

Voki Boss1

Voki, The God of Trickery. Custom card by Thorjw

LORE: After causing his brother to be banished from the realms of the gods, Voki travelled to the land of Acadia to hunt down his now weaken brother. However, the thrill of masterminding the downfall of curious adventurers and other boss monsters has made him to decide to become a boss monster instead.

ABILITY: LEVEL UP: Each opponent must randomly rearrange the order of all the room cards in his or her dungeon.

EXP: 680


Vor, the Exiled (Ordinary Hero)

TYPE: Warrior

LORE: A former god, who was stripped of his powers and banished to Acadia by his father due to an act of betrayal by his trusted brother. Now, he travels the dungeons hoping to prove him worthy of being a god once again by killing the monsters roaming the land.

HP: 6

Vor, the God of storm and thunder (Epic Hero)[]

Vor Card

Vor, The God of Storm and Thunder. custom card by Thorjw

TYPE: Warrior

LORE: With his storm summoning hammer in hand, Vor stakes his life to protect Acadia, the land that he has come to love from rampaging monsters and his cunning trickster brother.

ABILITY (Optional): Vor is attracted to the player who controls Voki.

HP: 14