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BMA038 Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber is a Trap Room in the Base Set.

Character and Object art Beau Buckley.

Background art by David Nyari.


When choosing an opponent to be the target of this ability, your opponents must show how many Room cards (keeping the face of the cards concealed) they have in their hands, and you choose the card to be discarded.

If an opponent has only one Room card, he or she automatically discards that card. If no opponent has a Room card, this ability is wasted


A card that works mostly to mess with an opponent's hand. This card works with quite a few other cards. It works with other Cleric Room cards that can allow a player to take a card from the discard pile. It also works well with Uncover effect rooms, if this card is built over one. When this card's effect is activated, the Uncover effect is also activated. This card also works well in allowing the player to easily build an Advanced Cleric or Thief Room.


It is possibly a reference to a scene in The Princess Bride.