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Trash Compactor

KSA012 Trash Compactor

is a Trap Room and a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Card.


If a Hero enters this Room and dies, the Room does not lose its damage.

Once a Hero exits this Room and survives, it does 0 damage for the rest of the turn, even if you use something to increase its damage (such as Annihilator).


This card is best built as the last room in a dungeon, mostly due to the fact of its effect. This card does well to have a Dizzygas Hallway built in front of it, so it has a better chance of killing a Hero so as not to activate this card's effect.


"Trash Compactors aren't so much built as grown. The deepest cesspits of Arcadian dungeons attract a deadly breed of beast that is only seen by the doomed."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


This card is possibly a reference to a scene in Star Wars.