Boss Monster the Dungeon-Building Card Game Wiki

A player loses the game if their Boss gets 5 Wounds. Wounds are gotten by Heroes getting through the last Room in the Dungeon and entering the Bosses Chamber.  To indicate Wounds place the Hero card that delivers a Wound face up to the right of the Boss card. Heroes that have become Wounds should be kept seperate from Heroes that have become Souls.

If a player loses the game, the game can still continue as long as there are still 2 players active. If only one player is left that player wins. If a turn ends with all remaining players killed by Wounds, the Boss with the lowest XP wins.

Some Spell cards can count as Wounds, such as Assasin. These are treated just like Hero cards and put in the same pile.

Healing Wounds[]

Certain Spells, Room Effects, and Level Up ability have the power to heal Wounds. A healed Wound becomes a Soul unless otherwise stated.