BMA002 Xyzax

Xyzax is one of the 8 original Boss cards in the Base Set.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


The cards that are chosen can be any combination of Room and/or Spells.

Strategy Edit

Xyzax's Level Up Ability can be used at any time, but since it can only be used once, it works particularly well after certain Spell cards have been used, or even rooms like Bottomless Pit have been used, as Xyzax can reuse them. It can also allow a player to gain back two cards that have been discarded to activate Dracolich Lair.


"In the training grounds of Arcadia's most holy orders, no other room is discussed with as much fervor as the fabled Dark Alter. Legend has it that a dark hero known as the Demigod was born of this alter by the sacrifice of a holy paladin by Xyzax, the Progenitor Lich. Made a powerful beyond imagining by those dark magics, the Demigod escaped his dark lord and vowed revenge on all the masters of Arcadia's dungeons. Or so the story goes..."

-Excerpt from the Dark Altar section of the Strategy Guide


Art from this Boss is featured on one of the Kickstarter Exclusive 10-Dohs.

Xyzax's name is a tribute to Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. The gem on his staff even resembles a 20-sided die.