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Zombie Prison

BMA039 Zombie Prison

is a Monster Room in the Base Set.

Character art by Alexander Olsen.

Background art by David Nyari.


If this effect is activated before the end of a player’s active portion of the Adventure Phase, the Hero moves back through the dungeon on the same turn. If it is played after a player’s active portion of the Adventure Phase the Hero waits at the entrance until the next turn.

Additionally, the returning Hero is effectively treated as a "new" Hero, in terms of resolving abilities from cards like Minotaur's Maze, even though it was previously a target of those.

If there are any Heroes waiting already at the entrance to the dungeon, the Hero will wait at the end of the line.


This card works well with the Spell card, Assassin, for after a Hero is sent back to the entrance of the player's dungeon, Assassin makes that Hero stronger, and can potentially allow the player to deal a wound to their opponent. This card also works wonders with Uncover effect rooms when this card is built over one, and then activated. Otherwise, this card allows for the player to easily build an Advanced Cleric or Mage Room.


It is possible a reference to a location in The Walking Dead.